Bella's First Tattoo!

Hi cuties, how are you doing? I've got some news for you! I've got my first tattoo last nigh! Just was bored, and decided to do it!


It's a bluebell on my right hip. It has no specific meaning, I've choosen the bluebell flower just cos my name is Bella, so it's kind of connected. The tattoo is still drying, that's why it looks kind of rough, but... I already love it! ;-)
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The Beginning

 Hi cuties! My name is Bella Bach, and I want to welcome you in my livejournal :-)


My owner's got me today at the store, and I'm very happy to have a new home. She's chosen me from all other dolls, because I have a nice body, my legs bend well, I can turn my head and my waist around. I also have a blond long hair which is cool, because my owner can try some of her hair-dressing, styling and make up ideas. 
 I'm not a Barbie doll. My box says I'm a "Tanya" doll, and I was made in China. I'm the one from Magic Rain series, that's why my first outfit is my blue rain coat, blue hat, blue top and stripped tights. I also have big blue shoes.

My full name is Bella Tanya Bach.  Bella came from American pornstar Belladonna, Tanya is the original name of my doll series, and Bach is the last name that came after glam-rock singer Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row).
I'll try to update this journal with lots of interesting information and photographs about me and my life. I'm also looking forward on finding many cool friends on here! So...welcome! ;-) 

  - Bella <3